Version histories for the Canal+, Trunk and Silva Screen versions.

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Canal+ (via Silva Screen)

Back cover says: Additional cues Sunset, Loving Couples and The Ruined Church performed by Thomas the Rhymek featuring Gareth Williams, James Fitzpatrick and Nic Raine.

Tracklist (from

CD-1 Magnet - Corn Rigs

CD-2 Magnet - The Landlord's Daughter

CD-3 Magnet - Gently Johnny

CD-4 Magnet - Maypole

CD-5 Magnet - Fire Leap

CD-6 Magnet - The Tinker Of The Rye

CD-7 Magnet - Willow's Song

CD-8 Magnet - Procession

CD-9 Magnet - Chop Chop

CD-10 Magnet - Lullaby

CD-11 Magnet - Festival / Mirie It Is / Sumer Is A-Comen In

CD-12 Magnet - Opening Music / Loving Couples / The Ruined Church

CD-13 Magnet - The Masks / Hobby Horse

CD-14 Magnet - Searching For Rowan

CD-15 Magnet - Appointment With The Wicker Man

CD-16 Magnet - Sunset

Companies etc

Copyright (c) – British Lion Music Ltd

Licensed To – Silva Screen Records Ltd.


Artwork – Dan Mumford

Composed By – Paul Giovanni (tracks: CD-1 to CD-16)

Music on Vinyl

In 2012, Music on Vinyl released a colored (orange flecked, 180 gram audiophile quality vinyl ) record of the soundtrack.It touted having "all the songs" and "exclusive material from the later, longer version of the film, and including the song "Gently Johnny"". "This release has been prepared from the master tapes and packaged in a lavish gatefold sleeve with extensive notes and stills from the movie."

1) Corn Rigs

2) The Landlord's Daughter

3) Gently Johnny 

4) Maypole 

5) Fire Leap

6) The Tinker Of Rye 

7) Willow's song

1) Procession 

2) Chop Chop 

3) Lullaby

4) Festival / Mirie It Is / Sumer Is A- Cumen

5) Opening Music / Loving Couples / The Ruined Church 

6) The Masks / The Hobby Horse

7) Searching For Rowan

8) Appointment With The Wicker Man

9) Sunset

Silva Screen

Silva Screen used the stereo masters for some tracks and has produced CDs and records, including a limited edition numbered "fancy coloured (orange flecked)" vinyl record and a 40th edition white vinyl release coinciding with the release of the Final CutMore here.

The first 8 tracks (marked with * below) are stereo masters that would have ended up as the soundtrack album if things had gone according to plan. The next 3 (marked with # below) are mono and were intended to be used for playback on set. They are "digitally restored and enhanced". The rest (marked with @ below) are “compiled from various sources”, some with sound effects (aka M&E track - music and effects).

They are described on the SIlva Screen site as all being by Magnet with the exception of the last track by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Gary Carpenter (arr.).

1) Corn Rigs*

2) The Landlord's Daughter*

3) Gently Johnny*

4) Maypole*

5) Fire Leap*

6) The Tinker of Rye*

7) Willow's Song*

8) Procession*

9) Chop Chop#

10) Lullaby#

11) Festival / Mirie it Is / Summer Is A-comen In#

12) Opening Music / Loving Couples / The Ruined Church@

13) Masks / Hobby Horse@

14) Searching for Rowan@

15) Appointment With the Wicker Man@

16) Sunset@

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Silva Screen release info

Gary Carpenter - Associate Director, Composer, Conductor, Fife, Liner Notes, Lyre, Ocarina, Piano, Recorder, Recorder (Tenor)

Peter Brewis - Descant, Harmonica, Jew's-Harp, Recorder

Diane Cilento - Vocals

Michael Cole - Bassoon, Concertina, Harmonica

Ian Cutler - Violin

Michael Frye - Tambourine, Tom-Tom

Paul Giovanni - Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals

Walter Kerr - Vocals

Andrew Tompkins - Guitar (Acoustic)

Rachel Verney - Vocals, Vocals (Background)

Christopher Lee - Liner Notes, Vocals

Lesley Mackie - Vocals

Bernard Murray - Hand Drums

Sally Presant - Vocals, Vocals (Background)

Wicker Man Girl's Choir - Choir/Chorus

Wicker Man Chorus - Choir/Chorus, Unknown Contributor Role

Wicker Man Ensemble - Ensemble, Unknown Contributor Role

Nic Raine - Primary Artist (=?)

Peter Shaffer - Lyric Adaptations

Reynold da Silva - Executive Producer

David Stoner - Release Coordinator

Thomas the Rhymer? - Ensemble

John Luard Timperley - Engineer, Recording

Sean Mowle - Art Direction, Design

James Fitzpatrick - Primary Artist, Release Coordinator

Simon Wells - Liner Notes

Gareth Williams - Mastering, Primary Artist (=?)

Rick Clark - Compilation Mastering, Mastering

Trunk Records

Trunk Records was the first to come out with a recording of the soundtrack. It was made from DATs of the 13 2" "music and effects" (M&E) tapes (Pinewoods Studios aka Shepperton had them.) so it includes sound effects. It is mono. (Website, pic might be NSFW)

(LP track listing from

A1 The Wicker Man (Main Title) 1:58

A2 Corn Rigs (1 & 3) 1:56 (As Corn Riggs...)

A3 Landlord's Daughter 1:56

A4 Festival Photo's 0:29

A5 Loving Couples 1:02

A6 Willow's Song 4:04

A7 Maypole Song 2:17

A8 Beetle 0:55

A9 Ruined Church Sequence 1:44

A10 Corn Rigs (4) & Fireleap 1:52 (As Corn Riggs...)

A11 Fireleap Reprise 0:35

A12 Graveyard Sequence (Tinker Of Rye) 0:52

A13 Tinker Of Rye (Part 2) 0:22

A14 Festival 1:09

A15 Masks 0:49

B1 Hobby Horse & Tarring 1:46

B2 Search (1) (Baa, Baa, Blacksheep) 1:18

B3 Search (2) 1:28

B4 Hand Of Glory 1:04

B5 Procession 3:19

B6 Chop Chop 1:37

B7 Horn At Cave (Cave Chase) 1:25

B8 The Anointing 1:18

B9 Hum 1:27

B10 Approach 1:47

B11 Summer Is A Coming In 3:18

B12 The Wicker Man (End Title) 1:07


Arranged By – Paul Giovanni

Artwork By [Artwork & Design] – Jamie Paton, Paul Richie

Composed By – Paul Giovanni (tracks: A3 to A13, A15, B3 to B5, B7 to B10, B12)

Lyrics By – Robert Burns (4) (tracks: A2, A10)

Mastered By [Remastering] – Piers*

Producer [Associate] – Gary Carpenter (though Gary had nothing to do with this bootleg.)


The first edition was released on black vinyl. This second edition came on flame-red coloured vinyl. 500 were made of each. 

It comes with inserts:

- a location map on A4 paper drawn by David Lally. 

- 2 single-sided black & white postcards featuring images from the film. 

Total running time: 42:47.

Summerisle Films, ℗1973. Trunk Records, ©1998.

See also this Galloway Gazette article which deals with this recording.