Arranged roughly in the order the scenes are in the Director's Cut.

(Click on any pic for more info about it and to see it at its full resolution. Images are constrained here to fit this format.)

Scouting before the filming began

Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward by a canon at Culzean. (Brown says this on the grounds of Lochinch Castle.) Proabably taken on the same day as the other shot of them with the Earl of Stair, before shooting started that is seen in the Brown book. (pg 465 of the iBook)

Bts howie and ls canon.jpg

A cropped pic of the same scene.

Bts howie and ls canon cropped.jpg
Bts howie and ls canon 2.jpg
Bts howe cu.png

Lee and Woodward looking into a stone structure now known to be Snib's Cave, aka Sawney Bean's Cave, Bennane Head, South Ayrshire.

Looking into ? cropped.jpg

Hardy, Lee, James (Jimmy) Miller, the Provost of Girvan, and Woodward at an unknown location in Ballantrae. Possibly on the same day as these other shots, Oct 4, 1972? The caption of the Galloway Gazette of 12/4/98 says, "Film stars Christopher Lee (second left) and Edward Woodward discuss filming location in Ballantrae with director Robin Hardy."

Hardy lee x woodward.jpg

Mainland harbor

A shot of Howie being rowed ashore In Stranraer.

Rowing from plane stranraer.JPG

Mainland church scene

Gary Carpenter as the organist (in drag). Robin Hardy as a minister for his cameo. (Greyfriars Episcopal Churchchurch in Kirkcudbright.)

Bts church gary and robin.jpg

Robin confers with Peter Snell.

Bts church ?282.jpg

Robin outside that church (Greyfriars Episcopal Churchchurch in Kirkcudbright)

Bts church robin as minister 2379.jpg

Howie and Robin

Bts church howie and robin.jpg

Howie in his plane

Arriving (Plockton)

Bts plane howie w-crew.jpg

When his plane won't start

Bts plane hardy and howie.jpg

Below is press photo WMX 6 "Director ROBIN HARDY lines up a shot with EDWARD WOODWARD during location filming of THE WICKER MAN at Plockton Harbour, Scotland,"

Bts plane crew, shooting howie and harbor master, plane won't start bts wmx 6 rehearsing in plockton harbor.jpg

The Green Man

P11 2114.jpg


Robin Gregory, a sound mixer crewman, speaks with Paul Giovanni.


Ted Morley, the production manager.


More unknown crew.


An unknown crewman.


Robin Gregory, Paul Giovanni. I am not sure who the man in the turtleneck is.


Robin Gregory and Paul.


Britt giving Edward a message. (Not a missing scene...)

P4 c1162.jpg

Dr Ewan

Same as the publicity photo but this shot includes a crewman. (18 High St, Gatehouse of Fleet.)

Bts dr ewan 2218.jpg

Is that Harry Waxman in the white cap?

Bts dr ewan, howie 2275.jpg

The same picture as above but the aspect ratio is different.

Bts dr ewan, howie and crewjpg.jpg

The Maypole

Press photo labelled WMS 8 "On Summerisle, children are taught that the maypole is a phallic symbol. Police Sergeant Neil Howie (EDWARD WOODWARD) is astonished to hear the boys singing a bawdy song as they dance round it."

Bts maypole.jpg

Bts maypole 2 2345.jpg

The band.

Bts band 1117.jpg

An unknown shot, probably by the schoolhouse, showing the crew and the fake cherry trees.

Bhs trees.png

An unknown scene being shot possibly at Anwoth. We don't know.

Dolly shot.jpg

See also the Richard Demarco archives for 3 more pics of the Maypole and one showing the schoolhouse.

The schoolhouse

A scene not found in the movie. Howie looking in at Miss Rose. Miss Rose wearing a cardigan she is not seen wearing in the movie, and an angle not seen in the movie.

Bts schoolroom.jpg

txMiss Rose and Howie at the blackboard before it was erased.

Bts blackboard c 1234.jpg

Bts blackboard 2.jpg

The Fire Dance

Look for a Polaroid pic of the dancers taken by James Fitzsimmons, the son of the butler to Lord and Lady Stair, in Nuada #3, in the article titled What The Butler Saw. (Don't expect good quality...)

We Carry Death

Thanks to Alan Linda McGhie's father, we have these priceless shots of this scene being shot in Whithorn by the library.

First, Howie being prepared by the crew.

Alan Linda McGhie 2.jpg

Then a shot of the kids having already passed the library.

Alan Linda McGhie 3.jpg

A shot from Charlotte Bennie of the Whithorn History Facebook group. The crewman to the left of Howie in the sheepskin jacket is also seen in the Plockton home movies.

Charlotte bennie 2 21 21.jpg

The Search for Rowan

Robin Hardy adjusts the dolls in Isle Castle, Isle of Whithorn.

Bts dolls 2198.jpg

Bts dolls 2199.jpg

He may be in the background in this shot.

Bts dolls 2202.jpg

Howie about to smack the dolls away.

Bts dolls 2205.jpg

This pic from Byron Chamberlain appears to be from a house search scene. From Byron Chamberlain. Likely taken at 2 George St, Whithorn.


See also this pic of #2 George St which appears to be taken from the other side of the door.

The procession

Bts hardy and lee.png

At St Ninian's cave

On the beach in front of St. Ninian's cave, it looks like they are setting up where the horse and cart would be. You can see a tractor in that spot.

Sue Macdougall 6.jpg

The crew preparing Broome and Rowan. Howie is not seen.

Sue Macdougall 1.jpg

A similar shot, this one showing Broome walking towards Howie. That might be Robin Hardy in the dark outfit half-way up there.

Sue Macdougall 5.jpg

On the cliffs

Four of the antler dancers relaxing.

Sue Macdougall 4.jpg

Edward Woodward relaxing.

Sue Macdougall 7.jpg

The cast and crew around the hole where Rowan would emerge.

Alan Linda McGhie 8.jpg

This looks like a scene where Howie is surrounded or is perhaps being anointed.

Sue Macdougall 8.jpg

The Wicker Man


The Hero man being constructed.

Wm by water.JPG

Seamus Flannery standing by the dead tree, on the right, as it was installed.

Semaus flannery by dead tree.jpg
Bts wm 74.png

Bts wm 75.png

Bts wm 30 scaffold 3.jpg

Note the skinny legs before the wrappings were applied.

Bts wm 31 scaffold 4.jpg

Building the WM.jpg

Note the skinny legs before the wrappings were applied.

Building the WM 2.jpg
Stephen carr wm construction.jpg
Man under construction, gg 12498.jpg
Bts wm 73.png
Sue Macdougall 2.jpg
Bts wm 32 cherry.jpg


Bts wm 28.jpg

Bts wm 27.jpg
Tilted wm.JPG
Bts wm 43.jpg

Bts wm 53.jpg

Bts wm 64.jpg

Compton 1.jpg

Note the guard rails around the man.

Alan Linda McGhie 5.jpg
Alan Linda McGhie 6.jpg
Alan Linda McGhie 7.jpg

With crew and cast

Bts wm 9 WMX 12.jpg

Bts wm 38.jpg

Bts wm 42.jpg

2 versions of the same shot, the first sharper, the second larger.

Bts wm 70.jpg

Bts wm 56.jpg

Bts wm 44.jpg

Bts wm 47.jpg

Byron Chamberlain pics

(Some supplied by Dorothy Compton, his granddaughter.)

Bts wm 62.jpg

Bts wm 61.jpg

Bts wm 60.jpg

Bts wm 72.jpg

(Note that she has the poodle but where did the child go?)

Snell, Shaffer and Hardy

Bts wm 35.jpg
Wmx 14.jpg
Bts wm 59.jpg

Howie and Willow by the cliffs

Bts wm 7.jpg

Willow wrapped up.jpg

Lord Summerisle and Willow waiting. We don't know who the other man is.

Bts ?, ls and willow umbrella.jpg

Stunt man (Bronco McLoughlin)

Bts wm 2 stunt.jpg

Bts wm 22 stunt.jpg


Bts wm 55 stunt fire c 1089.jpg

Cue boards

(3 versions of the same shot, 2 cropped differently, one larger.)

Bts wm 37 cue card short.jpg

Bts wm 20 cue card wmx 10.jpg

Bts wm 8 cue card wmx 10.jpg

The Wicker Man on fire

Robin Hardy with Harry Waxman holding the camera.

Bts wm 65.jpg

  Bts wm 1 1921 cam.jpg

Bts wm 14.jpg

Bts wm 21.jpg

The firemen hosing it down.

Standing by WM.jpg

Bts wm 34.jpg
Bts wm 77 fixed.png
Bts wm 46.jpg
Bts wm 76 fixed.png

A similar pic slightly to the right of that.

Wms 101.jpg

Perhaps the most valuable behind the scenes pic I have seen... the crew filming the final shot.

Alan Linda McGhie 4.jpg

A pic from Elliot Robb who was a fireman on-site.

Elliot Robb.jpg

See also the Richard Demarco archives for 3 pics of the Wicker Man.

Some of the men at Keeley Hire (Film and Television) Ltd near London who built the "men" preparing one of them to be shipped up to the site in Scotland.

Bts wm 3.jpg

One on display at the Cannes Film Festival, May 10-25, 1973.

WM at Cannes.jpg

2 George St, Whithorn

Compton 4.jpg

One of the crew and Edward Woodward at 2 George St, Whithorn, the house of Byron Chamberlain. We don't know why they were there. (Behind the scenes) (Photo couresy of Dorothy Compton and Phil Heslop.)

See also this pic which appears to be taken on the other side of this door. (Last pic in the "search for Rowan" set above.)

Unknown dates

Some of the cast at the Kirroughtree House Hotel.

Walter carr and aubrey morris.jpg
W victoria sellers.jpg

An unknown music student, Paul Giovanni and Gary Carpenter at DeLane Lea, Wembley recording studio working on the soundtrack.

Music student unknown, gary carpenter with paul giovanni in rec studio.jpg

Recording engineer Louis Austin at DeLane Lea, Wembley recording studios, working on the soundtrack.

Louis austin de lane lea.jpg

Lelsey Mackie rehearsing at DeLane Lea, Wembley recording studio.

Lesley rehearsing.jpg

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