See it here.

Here are my thoughts on seeing "Burnt Offering - The Cult of the Wicker Man." (2001)

What is the picture Howie is "licking off the wall", which would be the faded dancer in the book "The Ritual". Interesting that it would be a faded dancer.

Two great quotes from Britt:  "It wasn't the usual thing, beautiful girl...which I was in those days." "It was more of an acting role!""

Funny story about having to move the apple trees around, true or not.

Sad to hear the crew didn't get along.

"The model (body double) had this big ass" :Britt

Seamus Flannery's comments about the face of the Wicker Man are familiar. Where have I seen it before? I'll have to check the DVD.

Burning the live animals quote almost the same as on the DVD.

The whole cast and crew were moved by the experience of burning the wicker man, the ritual.

Roger Corman interview seems the same as in WM Enigma?

Nice to see Deely, the man who who had so much to do with the film's losing it's full length.

I need to find out more about John Simon, the American distributor.

"Its a pity it was this one 'casue it feeds all the loonies" Michael Deely in talking about theories about the missing reels. He does come across as respecting it's value now.

Beltane Festivcal in Scotland looks like fun!

Shaffer: "I look forward to when we are pagans again. I think we'd have a much better time of it."

The end.

Very good overall. Very well written. Too bad there wasn't more on the pagan customs themselves but I guess I'll just have to wait for that.