Constructing ‘The Wicker Man’: Film and Cultural Studies Perspectives, Crichton Campus, University of Glasgow, 2005. Edited by Jonathan Murray, Lesley Stevenson, Stephen Harper and Benjamin Franks.

Contains the following essays:

Straw or Wicker? Traditions of Scottish film criticism and The Wicker Man: Jonathan Murray

Religion in The Wicker Man: Context and representation: Steven J. Sutcliffe

Demotic Possession: The hierarchic and anarchic in The Wicker Man: Benjamin Franks

‘Here On Official Business’: Production, patriarchy and the hazards of policing a pre-industrial utopia: Belle Doyle

‘The Game’s Over’. Breaking the Spell of Summerisle: Feminist discourse and The Wicker Man: Gail Ashurst

Sightseeing in Summerisle: Film tourism and The Wicker Man: Lesley Stevenson

Things that go Clunk in the Cult Film Text: Nodes and interstices in The Wicker Man: Justin Smith (Lots of good background info.)

Now a Major Motion Picture? The Wicker Man Novelisation: Mark Jones (Very detailed analysis of the difference between the book and the movie.)

Mister Punch as Sacrificial Victim in The Wicker Man: Melissa Smith (More than you’ll ever want to know about Punch in the movie.)

‘The Other Coppers’: Uncanniness identity and The Wicker Man audience: Stephen Harper

The Wicker Man, The Uncanny, and the Clash of Moral Cultures: Stefan Gullatz


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