Diane Cilento 

Married Anthony Shaffer in 1985.

She claimed to be a white witch at the time of filming and took a personal involvement in the 'fire leap' where she appears in her white robes. She also assisted in the choreographing of this sequence. The tarot card seen on the ceiling of the Green Man inn was designed by her. It was artwork she had created for a series of tarot cards. (

Miss Rose

Diane Cilento on Miss Rose quoted in 1973

"Miss Rose is a kindred spirit. I understand her completely. For instance, she teaches the school children of Summer-isle that the Maypole around which they dance represents a phallic symbol and that this venerated in religious systems such as theirs. It is a symbol of generative power in nature. Perfectly true. I don't mean I necessarily share their beliefs or believe in Pantheism. I mean I understand those, like the people of Summerisle, who do and those who will express their beliefs, like Miss Rose."