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Burnt Offerings - The Cult of the Wicker Man On the Studio Canal, 2013 BluRay and Optimum DVDs.

Cast & Crew: The Wicker Man (BBC documentary, 2005)

The Ex:S Wicker Man, BBC Scotland documentary

The Wicker Man Enigma (2001)

Theatrical trailer - includes some music from the dream sequence from :39 to 1:06. This is all of the dream sequence that survives.

Critic's Choice interview. (1978) Stirling Smith interviews Christopher Lee and Robin Hardy. (1, 2)

TV Spot - narrated by Stirling Smith

Commentary. Robin Hardy, Christopher Lee, Edward Woodward and Mark Kermode discuss the film as they watch it. (1, 2) (Only the first 15 minutes of the audio commentary listed below.) Full commentary here.

BBC Country Tracks (2009)

BBC Coast (2006)

BBC Culture Show (2007)

BBC Scotland on Screen (2009)

Sing Cuckoo, The Story of the Wicker Man Soundtrack. BFI short documentary.


Name on what DVD Notes
Interview with Robin Hardy Studio Canal, 2013 BluRay 16:17, HD, PAL
The Music of the Wicker Man " 15:21, HD, PAL (see TrailerAddict for excerpt, See this link for more info. Watch it here?)
Worshipping The Wicker Man " 22:36, HD, PAL (See this link for more info.)
Restoration comparison " HD (See this link for more info.)
Burnt Offering: The Cult of The Wicker Man  (pt 1pt 2, pt 3pt 4) ", Optimum 48:18, SD, PAL, Kermode
Interview with Christopher Lee & Robin Hardy 1979 " 24:38, SD, NTSC source converted to PAL. (See this link for more info.)
Trailer (which one? theatrical or director's cut?) " 2:09, SD, PAL (See this link for more info.)
Audio commentary " from the December 2001 recording (See this link for more info.)
Making of Audio Commentary short film " 15:52, SD, PAL (See this link for more info.)
director's cut of the movie with feature commentary with Christopher Lee, Edward Woodward, Robin Hardy and moderated by Mark Kermode. Optimum the previous region 2 disc set of The Wicker Man released in 2002 by Warner Home Video includes most of what has been collected for the new Optimum edition
filming of the commentary " the first thirteen minutes of the commentary detailed above
an interview with Christopher Lee " 25:00
soundtrack "
booklet "
The Wicker Man Enigma ", Anchor Bay wooden boxed set 34:42
Theatrical Trailer " 2:12
TV Spot Anchor Bay wooden boxed set :35, narrator - Stirling Smith
Radio spots " 4 :60, 10 :30

narrator - Stirling Smith

Talent bios " Bios are of Shaffer, Hardy, Lee and Woodward.Are graphics on DVD, not downloadable.
Final Cut Trailer YouTube (Studio Canal UK), 1:27
Roth on the Soundtrack, Featurette for The Wicker Man has Eli Roth explain his love for the film's soundtrack.
Modern Day Horror
", (fix formatting).
Featurette for The Wicker Man has director Ben Wheatley compare the film to the modern day horror.
The Soundtrack ", Featurette for The Wicker Man has Jonny Trunk of Trunk Records discuss releasing the soundtrack.
The End ", Featurette for The Wicker Man has James Watkins and Ben Wheatley discuss the end of the film.
Paul Giovanni ", Featurette for The Wicker Man has Gary Carpenter discuss Paul Giovanni's approach to recording the music.


commentary on Anchor Bay Director's Cut (as video (playlist of all 7 segments, or pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4, pt 5, pt 6, pt 7)

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