Nuada, The Wicker Man Journal - Gail Ashurst. Produced 3 issues (November 1998, August 1999, April 2000)

Dave Lally's map of Summerisle

Trading cards

Wicker Man Appreciation Society

4 autographs (Julie Cadzow, "a villager"; Ingrid Pitt "the librarian"; "Sincerely Edward Woodward"; and Roy Boyd (Broome), Lindsay Kenp's autograph

Several autographs from Raye Brown, whose mother, Olive Mcdonald, worked on the film as a seamstress. (1, 2, 3, 4.)

An autograph from Edward Woodward given to a nurse. Shooting of the scene at the chemists' had to be stopped so she could get an emergency prescription!

Some T-shirts and a pillow painted for a fan.

Sing-along-a-Wicker Man events! (and a chant-along version!)

Scratch 'n Sniff Wicker Man! 10 scents on a card you rub off at certain scenes!

Nice T-shirts for sale... Another here. (May Day Festival 1973)

Some beer/ales named after TWM.

Wicker Man tea, yes, tea.

Pieces of the actual Wicker Men: David Lally's sent to Christopher Lee. 1, 2,3.

A Firefox browser Wicker Man theme add-on!

Modern "re-creations" of the poster

A whole bunch here.

John Coulthart

Аrtem Mukhin

Nathanial Marsh

Five nice ones by Silver Ferox Design

Dan Mumford (also used for some DVD covers)

Fan re-creations of the movie or parts from it

Some are incredibly well done, others less so.

Taylor and Ward’s Wicker Man. See the whole thing here.

Melissa Groves, Kerry Kerr and Nicola Cattini’s verison

The WIR ZEUGEN HERODES Band does a full version of The Landlord's Daughter.  

Ian Mason sings a good version of Gently Johnny setting the right atmosphere

Another gently Johnny by Michelle May with great audience participation

Mischief Le Bas’s Maypole song

Manhattanville (NY) College’s May Day activities of 5/1/12 included a May Pole with the singing of the Maypole song and a Barbie doll "fire dance"/doll toss, but it’s hard to hear with the wind blowing…

Woman re-enacting the Fire Dance (clothed) and other scenes amazingly well done. More from them in these Lost Road segments

A nice sunset from the West coast of Scotland from in a video by Norma Munro.