(Based on and used with permission from the site which was written circa mid-2000s. I have updated most of it.)

THE site for Anthony Shaffer and The Wicker Man. Created by Andy Taylor

An Interview with Robin Hardy.

The Wicker Tree

The official site for Christopher Lee

Gary Carpenter, The Wicker Man's associate musical director, has an excellent, amusing, and informative article concerning the film at his website.

Similarly, Ian Cutler, who played the violin in the film has an article about The Wicker Man.

Wikipedia page about the movie.

The old site, from which much of this content was taken (with permission) on the Internet Archive. (Choose before the domain got bought up by another circa 2013, so 2007 - 2012)

Articles online about

How we made The Wicker Man, The Guardian.

Cinefantastique article (Internet Archive) without pictures or graphics. Here is a version with full-color pictures.

Something Wicker This Way Comes - Stuart Byron From Film Comment magazine, Nov, 1977 (need to register, can be done for free.)

Film Studies for Free - Some nice links at the end of the article too.

Long arm of the lore: Robin Hardy on The Wicker Man by Vic Pratt, (Sight & Sound, Oct. 2013)


The late, great had great info. Here's a version on the Internet Archive from 3/24/07.

The Wicker Man Pilgrim Fan Martin Griffin documents his travels to TWM's filming locations.

Scotland The Movie has a good article on the filming locations for The Wicker Man.

Reelstreets has an excellent scene-by-scene then and now comparison (but not for every scene...) Mouseover to see the the scene recently.

The D+K Wicker Man Trail

Geograph has lots of good pictures with maps.

The Creetown site has lots of info about other locations as well.

Some interesting info here as well. (

Some nice comparison shots for some of the locations here. (


Silva Screen Records has a page devoted to their soundtrack release of The Wicker Man. They have an exclusive instrumental version of 'Willow's Song' available as a downloadable mp3.

Trunk records soundtrack recording WITH EFX.

YouTube rip of the Trunk album.


Nuada is the Wicker Man fanzine which is now sadly on ice at present. However, their website can be found at

Film critic Mark Kermode has written an article which aims to put straight some of the misinformation surrounding the film at

Compulsion Magazine has several articles about The Wicker Man.

Amanda Sunderland is an artist operating from Isle Of Whithorn. Among her work are pieces relating to The Wicker Man, which she has for sale. And we think she has a right to as her father and uncles were actually in the film! (See also this interview on the wiki.)

British Film Institute page (See some stills, a poster, a graphic and some video interviews including one on the soundtrack (Gothic, Sing Cuckoo (See also this blog), The story of the Wicker Man soundtrack), Director Robin Hardy on the Wicker Man and Folk Musicians discuss the Wicker Man.)


Carry On Wicker Man (and here), One for the Wicker Tree, Dougal and the Wicker Man, The Whacker Man. Visit Scotland, Muppet Wicker Man,The Wicker Woman (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003)


StudioCanal offers high resolution pictures of many scenes, behind the scenes and promotional shots from the movie.

Richard Demarco took some behind the scenes pics of the May Pole dance and on the cliffs at Burrowhead. Search for "Wicker Man". 6 pics altogether.


Steve P has an excellent site entitled 'The Various Versions of The Wicker Man'. As well as detailing the differences in cuts of the film , it includes information and images relating to the film's lost scenes.

This site has excellent comparisons of the Theatrical vs the Final Cut and the Theatrical vs the Director's Cut

As if you didn't know, the imdb is the ultimate film resource on the web. The Wicker Man page may be found here

The Golden Bough by Sir James George Frazer was used to find out about some of the customs.

A list of reviews. (which only scratches the surface...)

Screencaps has 827 pics from the Director's Cut version. (See an index to that with location and other info, here.)


Drew's Script O Rama (Middle version aka Final cut aka Moviedrome version

Shaffer screenplay!! (downloadable pdf!)


There are several Wicker Man groups on Facebook.

Here's one:

The discussion group devoted to The Wicker Man, at Yahoo Groups. (Dormant. Login required.)


Some here.


Taylor and Ward's The Wicker Man

Lord Hurk's One Page Wicker Man (comic)

A short, fast-paced tribute featuring Morris dancing and a Cernunnos.

Where is Rowan Morrison? (mashup)


Final Cut compared to Theatrical version.

Theatrical compared to the Director's Cut.

See Steve P's excellent analysis.