See also Locations (real) for more info. See also this Google Map for the locations in the real world with "street views" where available. See also locations arranged by scene for each version.

This excellent website Reel Streets also explores these locations

Aerial shots - Flying to Isle of Skye, orchards - South Africa

Alder's room - See Whithorn page.

Dr Ewan's (then) - See Gatehouse of Fleet page.

Howie's room - See Whithorn page.

Lennox's Chemistry shop (and darkroom) See Gatehouse of Fleet page. Darkroom shot in Newton Stewart.

Lord Summerisle's castle - See Culzean and Lochinch pages for interiors. Culzean for exterior.

May Morrison's Sweet Shop (and Post Office. Also listed as "The Snug" in the school directory at one point.) See Kirkcudbright page.

The beach - See St Ninian's Cave page.

The church seen in the flashback - See Kirkcudbright page.

The cliffs - See Burrowhead page.

The courtyard - See Lochinch Castle page.

The graveyard - See Anworth (and Mochrum?) page(s).

The Green Man - See Creetown page for interior, Gatehouse of Fleet page for exterior.

The harbor - See Plockton page.

The library - See Whithorn page.

The maypole - See Anwoth page.

The police station - See Kirkcudbright page

The registrar's office - See Whithorn page.

The schoolhouse - See Anwoth page.

The "stones" - See Castle Kennedy page.

The ruined church - See Anwoth page.

The village green, scene of the orgy - Wookey Hole, England

Willow's room - See Whithorn page.