We see the villagers wearing masks from the moment Howie’s plane won’t start until they take them off as Howie says Get out of my way on the cliffs. Many are hard to figure out. Any ideas are welcome.

Scene by scene list

(Many character get repeated...)

Fintan’s list: fox, red deer, badger, weasel?, salmon, goose, goat, rabbit, cats,  poodle, owl plus another type of bird not sure what.., green frog or a toad, white faced bull

Fraser Davidson added possible Pinemartens and stoats? (There sure are some Pinemarten-like masks in there. The trouble is, where... Both golden and grey.)

Howie tries to start his plane (l-r)

man in brown jacket, brown sweater, light shirt - ?  fox?, brown

man in blue sweater - beaver?


man in blue sweater - fish

man in dark jacket, yellow sweater - cow? calf?

man in brown sweater, dark shirt- bird

3 more add on closer to the house

woman w/ long brown hair - bird

woman? in white sweater - unknown light color mask

woman in blue top and skirt - unknown


4 girls grouped together

green frog



unknown, has green on it

elsewhere in the courtyard

girl with cat? black and white striped.

antler dancers

duck (white head, wide bill)


grey head = ?

purple feathery wig

red feathers

brown with ears

house search

two girls in window

cats - one brown, one grey


white feathery bird

purple print top - dark bird with feathers

red print top - brown bird with feathers

yellow print top - orange feathers

Howie on ship holds a fish mask

Salmon of Knowledge costume - fishmonger

bull (butcher)

revelers outside courtyard

three men at the top of the stairs

red shirt - hard to tell. has white snout. calf?

man with white sweater - black, hard to tell

man with blue shirt - black, hard to tell

At bottom of stairs

brown fox

unknown with pointy ears next to fox

brown large fox? = photographer who is NOT Lennox who appears at Chop Chop scene…

Old Gardener/gravedigger (Aubrey Morris) - hedgehog

(See Punch to the far right!)

Howie bops Alder

Punch mask


women first




Procession close up as it faces camera

antler dancers

girl in white blouse, yellow and red plaid skirt - fox?

man with brown jacket and tie and red tassle on stick - cow? bull?

badger holding John Barleycorn

harbor master - unknown dark mask, fox?

man to the right of him with tassle - bird 

brown something next to the salmon of knowledge = Ash (see chop chop)

grey fox

man with brown jacket, brown turtleneck - goose (bird with white face and pink beak)

girls crowded together as Howie gets attacked by Miss Rose, Ingrid and Willow with their tongs.

yellow dress - brown rabbit

blue dress - white (duck?)

red dress - unknown (ears)

pink dress - rabbit

purple top - round head (unknown animal)

red print dress - purple mask

short purple dress - white fur = rooster in later shot

purple print dress - cardinal? red with black beak

purple dress - unknown grey with ears (horse?)

blue and white dress with white shoes - white poodle

blue diagonal plaid dress with tassel - white beak owl

white print top, white pants - grey something

blue dress - grey something

black dress with buttons on the front - black mask

painted horse-like or something with antlers

green shirt - brown bird with yellow beak (angry bird…)

orange blouse and skirt - brown something

multi color short dress - badger or skunk

white and brown print dress - grey bird

blue print top, white pants - grey dog? rabbit?

dark print top, white pants or skirt - grey fox

brown something behind her

(Photographer who isn’t Lennox next to her/him)

orange zig zag top - brown feathery bird? (has a beak)

girl with white sweater - grey cat

man driving the cart - brown horse?

Holly - hare

Chop chop

(Stuart Hopps) man with long hair and goatee - generic dark mask

bull and brown fox by photographer (who is not Lennox)

green frog

man with black jacket - white bird 

girl with white top red skirt - cat?

girl with yellow print dress and white top - black cat?

Ash? - brown horse? donkey?

man with white shirt and brown tie - grey something

girl with white blouse - grey bird

brown rabbit 

girl with black and white check dress - brown pointy mask = ?

girl with purply print dress - brown fox

girl with white blouse - grey bird

girl with brown print dress - brown bird

blue and pink print dress - poodle

red and black print dress - purple something


porcupine has long snout…


brown fox

red beak, white face

man with brown jacket, purple shirt - badger

torchbearers - generic black masks

villagers on crest of hill



pink dress - bear?

man with dark jacket - bird with large beak, white face


brown cow

black bear?