Nuada, The Wicker Man Journal - Gail Ashurst. Produced 3 issues (November 1998, August 1999, April 2000)


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Issue 1, November 1998


Big Screen Seduction: an audience's response to a questionnaire on the film

Freeze Frame: an analysis of the film's visual style

"The 'Citizen Kane' of horror films”: a review of the much-revered article on 'The Wicker Man' from 'Cinefantastique' magazine in 1977

The Landlord's Torture: a letter from the actual landlord, at the time the film was made, of the Ellangowan Hotel (used for the scenes in "The Green Man')

An Open Letter to Britt Ekland: a newspaper clipping from the Galloway Gazette in December,1972

A thorough essay on the film's major themes, particularly the Gothic element

Jimmy's Page: a fan's letter

On the trail of 'The Wicker Man': a detailed report on some of the film's locations

'Wicker Country’: a map illustrating many of the filming locations

Scenes filmed but never used

A Merry Reunion?: an article based on correspondence with some of the Maypole scene dancers from the film

A letter received from the present proprietor of the Ellangowan Hotel

BBC Scotland: a transcript of an interview with the co-producers of 'Nuada' from a live radio broadcast

Truly 'Magnetic’: soundtrack information

The Cutting Room: a letter from one of the film's extras

'The Green Man' Revisited: a report on a BBC documentary being made for the film's 25th Anniversary


The Editors would like to thank

The Lord Summerisle and the people of his land 

off the west coast of Scotland

for this privileged insight into

their religious practices and for their

generous co-operation in the writing of this fanzine.

Issue 2, August 1999


Selling The Wicker Man by Vic Pratt

Souvenirs from Summerisle by Dave Lally

Truly Magnetic by Mark Goacher

A Pitt Full of Memories: Ingrid Pitt in conversation with Nuada's Editor, Gail Ashurst

Apple of Your Eye by Roger Langley

Inside The Wicker Man by Allan Brown: A Sneak preview of Allan Brown's new book

After Hours: Missing Scenes-Part 2 

Walking In A 'Wicker' Wonderland: Visit to Plockton by Gail Ashurst

May Day Massacre By Stuart Bolton Review of the BBC documentary by Martainn Russell

‘Life of the Fields' by Crystal De La Lime

AII In A Day's Work by Olive McDonald

Into the Labyrinth by Gail Ashurst

Wicker Man Convention by Stuart Bolton

The Art Gallery by Gail Ashurst

Soundtrack Review by Murray A. Nix

Postcards from the Edge by Gail Ashurst

Issue 3, April 2000


There’s Something Out In The Field. The iconic figure of the Wicker Man

Dark Side To The Sun. A poem by Richard Knight

Interview with Christopher Lee

Cover Feature Article: Breaking the Spell of Summerisle by Gail Ashurst. (an abridged version was later published in an academic anthology entitled The Wicker Man: Film and Cultural Studies Perspectives (2005)

Map of Summerisle by Stuart Bolton and Gail Ashhurst

Reviews: The Fantascist by Vic Pratt, Remote Retreat by Roger Langley

What The Butler Saw by Gail Ashurst

Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Uniform by Richard Knight

It’s Time The Tale Was Told: Journalists’ Simon Wells & Ali Catterall talk to Nuada about their forthcoming book. (The source article from them.)