Call sheets

November 3, #1

November 3, #2

November 11

November 13, #1

November 13, #2

November 15, #1

November 15, #2

Jake Wright's set index

A chart found in Brown's book that shows what scenes were shot or not. (See also shot or not list.)

Seamus Flannery's set index

A chart found in Brown's book that shows when Seamus Flannery and his crew built, dressed and shot scenes. This was written up before shooting started and so it changed soon after shooting began.

Movement orders

(greenhouse potting shed threave) - Threave shoot is noted on call sheet #29, 11/11.

ext greenman and high street - Could be related to call sheet #31, 11/13 which has Cally on it. See also this map which was on the back of that movement order.

Editor's script

Was thought to be a "camera man script" first. "Studio Canal asked Robin Hardy about this script and he confirmed it was not a camera man's script as I had first thought." - Fintan Coyle (Facebook Wicker Man group.)

BFPA Equity Agreements (contract between artist and company)

Lorraine Peters contracts, October 13 - as girl crying on grave (pic 1, 2) and November 3, 1972 - as Britt's body double (pic 1, 2 )

Wicker Man drawings

Drawn by Seamus Flannery, the art director or Robin Hardy.