General information

As Howie's plane flies out, we hear Northumbrian pipes w/ 2 female singers (1 overdubbed harmony?) "Lesley Mackie [Daisy in the film] also sang the haunting credits/flight music and the Northumbrian pipes for that were played by Bruce Watson" (Gary Carpenter's site.)

According to Cinefantastique, this "is a piece of Gaelic mouth music..."

The lyrics are from a Robert Burns poem of the same name. Giovanni used verse 1 and 3, modifying verse 3 slightly.


Original lyrics

Oh! I am come to the low countrie, Och-on, och-on, och-rie! Without a penny in my purse, To buy a meal to me.

And there I had three score o' yowes, Och-on, och-on, och-rie! Skipping on yon bonnie knowes, And casting woo' to me.

 The second verse was changed to: 

One time I had a hundred sheep 

upon, upon a dream

skipping o’er your narrow creek

and growing old for me


Director's Cut


Theatrical version


Final Cut


Silva Screen

1:57 (part of a medley)

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