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1) Some great footage of the Padstow My Day festivies! Thank you! For more, but older footage, see Oss Oss Wee Oss - May Day in Cornwall w/ Jean Ritchie, directed and produced by Alan Lomax and Peter Kenedy.  Especially liked seeing the young virgins(?) drinking beer!

2) Ingrid Pitt mentions being offered the part of the nymphomaniac librarian. She is credited for that part in the casting list on her shooting script. In the film she seems to work in the office where they register deaths...

3) The Wicker Man is celtic in origin, it says.

4) Edward Woodward got peed on by the frightened goats above him in the Wicker Man.

5) They actually got someone named John Punter to represent a fan!

6) The American premiere was in Baton Rouge, LA?! Wow, who would have thought. And on Friday the 13th!

7) Robin Hardy mentions the Riding of the Laddie being based on a real Scottish ritual. Can anyone tell me anything about this?

8) Schaffer: 'the rest was decoration' beyond the ritual sacrifce. This puts much into perspective.

9) Woodward says: 'The role was created for Peter Cushing'? Or was it Christopher Lee?

10) Christopher Lee says his role was created for him.

Landsdown(e) the company that took away junk film from (British Lion) Sheperton Studio for disposal.