General Information

It begins with solo bass drum, then brass. Giovanni based it on Willy of Winsbury but turned into a waltz.

SFX of sticks clapped, Morris type bells, then solo drum again.

Cinefantastique: " The procession march is wholly original. (Giovanni?:) "What I did was to take a very old song -- in this case it was 'Willy of Winsbury,' 14th century -- take the melody and form it into a piece for a brass band. I wanted a waltz, in three, so that it could be slower and stranger and that the whole procession could sort of sway." See Gary Carpenter's website for better info.

Procession" is an arrangement of the tune of the Child Ballad "Fause Foodrage"


Director's Cut, Theatrical version, Final Cut

5:00 including drum beats before and after., All versions of the movie have about 17 seconds of drum beats before the music starts, ~1:59 of music and ~44 seconds of drum beats after the music.

Silva Screen, Trunk Records

2:16, Has 6 seconds of drum beats before the music starts. It also has a few bars that the Director's Cut does not have. Has 8 seconds of drum beats at the end.