When out on VHS, Betamax? and DVD

(from listings so not complete)


Indianapolis ad for VCRs lists TWM as a great movie to see on them - so is out on VHS (but could be Betamax…)


1/14/82, Melbourne (AUS), listed in “large range of titles from $49…” in camcorder/VCR store ad

Feb 83

L.A., CA Licorice Pizza movie rentals $2, TWM listed


1/22, Minneapolis new video released this week, $59 from Magnum! 


1/24, Nashville new release of video, TWM, Magnum, 102 minutes

1/27, Danville, KY new release on video, TWM

12/8, Indiana, PA, US cable tv premiere (Home Media Entertainment, Director's cut)


11/6, Odessa TX review of videos, Frank Bruni (Knight Ridder)

unknown date, TWM video review, Frank Bruni


5/27, Sydney (AUS) review, 86 min video version, $24.95

6/20, Melbourne (AUS) Polygram, 86 minute review, Classic of the week.

Sept 99

9/20, Sydney (AUS) TWM video mentioned 


9/14, Phoenix, AZ Anchor Bay DVD review

8/21, Detroit DVD Anchor Bay DVD review

6/22, London, VHS Warner Home Entertainment, 5.99 pounds

8/21, Minneapolis DVD Anchor Bay DVD review

8/23, LA CA DVD Anchor Bay DVD review

8/31, West Palm Beach DVD Anchor Bay DVD review

9/20, Tampa FL DVD review



9/12, Hartford, CT, DVD review (Anchor Bay?)